about me

Hi! I’m April. I read widely and deeply.

I enjoy everything from fiction to non-fiction to U.S. Case Law. Yes, sometimes I read Supreme Court opinions and transcripts for fun.

I enjoy literary fiction, horror, and speculative fiction. Admittedly, I’m getting a little sick of YA. I enjoy reading and reviewing well written religious (Christian or otherwise) apologetics. Other non-fiction genres I enjoy are biographies, history, and case studies. I have a special place in my heart for dystopian and post-apocalyptic novels. Also – I am a self-proclaimed Stephen King fangirl.

I love to travel. I love to eat. Clearly, I love to read.

By trade I’m an attorney but once I’m independently wealthy I will spend my time traveling the world and reading in exotic locations, or maybe just doing more pro-bono work, who can say?

I like to think that I am committed (no pun intended) to eradicating the stigmatization of mental illness.  I read a lot of memoirs, novels, and some case studies about mental illness.

I have traveled extensively in Europe and parts of the near-east. Trivia time!  My last foray abroad was May 2013 to Greece, Egypt, and Turkey. My two favorite cities in the world are London followed by Istanbul. If asked to name a third it would be difficult as there are so many wonderful ones (Paris and Amsterdam are two that come to mind).

My fondness for fine foods extends to gourmet restaurants, excellent wines, and beyond. I’m new to the Atlanta-metro area so I’m always looking for suggestions on places to eat!