bookish bucket list

Inspired by the Bloggiesta 2013 mini-challenge hosted by Allison at The Book Wheel and Rebecca at Love at First Book I begin the adventure of my Bookish Bucket List.

1. Meet authors/attend readings.
a. Stephen King (preferably without slavering all over myself.) Revival Book Tour – D.C. 2014
b. Margaret Atwood
c. Anne Rice
d. et. al.
2. Participate in a NaNoWriMo. (YES! 2013 WINNER!)
3. Finish the 2010 edition of 1001 Books You Must Read Before you Die (100 down!)
4. Own some sort of medieval illuminated manuscript.
5. Own a signed first edition Margaret Atwood.
6. Own a signed first edition Stephen King (11/22/63On Writing)
a. Have my signed copy of The Stand verified.
7. Get 1,000+ Facebook/Twitter followers.
8. To be invited to be an Amazon Vine Member
9. Write letters to authors who make a difference.
10. Edit a book that is actually published.

Kind of – had a story published in That’s Paris by Velvet Morning Press

11. Have a book dedicated to me.
12. Visit Presidential Libraries.
13. Own a clean first edition of The Bell Jar.
14. Collect various treatises on U.S. Tax Law.
a. Actually read said treatises.
15. Read biographies on Supreme Court Justices.
16. Read Presidential biographies.
17. Visit the Library of Congress.
18. Visit NYC Public Library.
19. Attend a Vampire Lestat Reunion Ball.
20. Host an in-person book club.
21. Visit a Gutenberg Bible.
22. Visit a Gutenberg-era printing press.
23. Visit U.S. National Archives. See: Original Constitution/Declaration of Independence.
24. Have my own (mini) law library.
25. Read every work by:
a. Stephen King
b. Margaret Atwood (seeing a theme yet?)
26. Have the blog blurbed in a book.

This has been semi-realized: I am blurbed on the Cowcatcher Press site for Solomon the Peacemaker.

27. Attend Book Expo America Chicago 2016
28. Attend a blogging conference that suits my interests.
29. Visit the Oxford English Dictionary Museum.
30. Restore crumbling 19th century giant family Bibles I own.
31. Help organize a Little Library.
32. Meet up with other bloggers.